Maximum R-Value

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ICF MAX+ is made with a premium Neopor graphite polystyrene. ICF MAX+ features all of the performance attributes of our standard ICF line, complimented by the added benefits of its unique graphite cell structure that reflects heat radiation. This reflective property reflects heat away from the building in warmer climates and keeps heat in the building in colder climates, thus improving the insulation R value.

Naturally, by improving the insulation value without increasing the foam thickness, environmental and economic benefits are also achieved throughout the life cycle of the SuperForm ICF MAX+. There is no increase in raw materials used to achieve a higher R-value, fewer building materials are needed when choosing this option, reducing costs and saving potential living space. A ICF wall higher in R value means a more energy efficient home, saving you money, reducing harmful emissions and protects the environment.

This all results in an affordable ICF wall system that helps you get to a net zero ready home, as building and energy efficiency codes move in that direction.